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cremation service in Bellingham, WA

Types of Cremation Service

Many people may be a familiar with the act of cremation, but not so much when it comes to the different options that are available with this service. For example, many people are not aware that you can still have a visitation with a cremation option. To learn more about the various choices and services offered, we are going to die deeper into what is available with cremation service in Bellingham, WA.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is what most people imagine when they think of cremation service. It is just as the name implies, direct. This means that are no extra services with this option such as a visitation. With a direct cremation being the most basic, it is by far the most affordable of any option. This is one reason families may choose this option. Another reason is that since this choice is basic, it is the most simple and quick option. Families may appreciate this as it can help bring them closure and start the healing process faster.

Funeral Cremation Service

Many people are surprised to realize you can be cremated, but still have a funeral and a visitation or viewing. This option is considerably more expensive than a direct cremation since the body will need to be prepared and embalmed for the funeral and viewing services, as well as a casket that will need to be purchased.

This option of cremation flows just as a burial funeral would expect after the funeral, the body is not buried but rather, cremated. This is a wonderful choice if a family would like to have a religious funeral service where the body is present as well as a visitation or viewing that is held prior to the funeral.

Memorial Cremation Service

A memorial cremation service is very similar to that of a funeral cremation service expect there is no body present at the service (although the urn with the ashes may be present). This option typically allows for the body of the deceased to be cremated directly after death as with a direct cremation. Because of this, no embalming or preparing of the body is needed, or the purchasing of a casket, reducing the overall cost of the service.

Other than this option being less expensive than a funeral cremation, it also can prove the family more time and flexibility. Since there is no threat of the body decomposing, the family can use the extra time to plan a well thought out service. It can also allow for more flexibility for dates the service can he held. This can be very helpful when trying to book a room or hall at a location.

cremation service in Bellingham, WA

Final Thoughts

While many people are familiar with the act of cremation, they are often surprised to find out that many other services can be included. With cremation service in Bellingham, WA. being so versatile, it can truly be a wonderful option for so many families. That might be why it is growing so fast in popularity. If you would like to learn more about what is offered or to see if cremation might be a good fit for you or your family, feel free to call or come by anytime.

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