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Cremation Ash Ideas

When talking about cremation service Bellingham, WA, you will find there are a lot of options on what to do with the ashes after the ceremony. From traditional activities such as scattering the ashes at a special location, to new and more unique ways such as turning the ashes into diamonds, or using them in […]

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How to Write an Obituary

When talking with a funeral service Bellingham, WA after your loved one passes, there will be many things you will need to take care of. Besides handling the funeral arrangements and making all the decisions that go along with that, you will need to write an obituary for your loved one. If you have never […]

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Tips for Talking Honestly With Your Spouse About Cremation

Have you and your spouse sat down to talk about your end-of-life plans yet? If not, you should make it a point to do it sometime soon. You should be especially diligent about talking about your end-of-life plans if you’re considering choosing cremation services in Ferndale, WA over burial services. It’s going to be important […]