Planning a Memorial Service

After cremation services in area of Lynden, WA, you will very likely want to hold a memorial service for your loved one who has died. Memorial services are often less formal than traditional funeral services and can be held just about anywhere.   You may decide to hold your loved one’s memorial service at the […]

Funeral Planning Primer

Planning funerals at funeral homes in Lynden, WA is never easy. You will discover that when you are trying to make so many decisions when you’re grieving can be extremely difficult. However, your funeral director will expertly guide you through every step of the process, so you will not have to plan your loved one’s […]

Planning a Celebration of Life

One of the cremation services in Everson, WA is help planning a celebration of life for your loved one. You want to have some kind of service that honors and pays tribute to the life of your loved one who has died. However, you may want the focus of the service to be on the […]

Things That Need to be Done After a Funeral

After funerals at funeral homes in Everson, WA, the family of the deceased will need to take care of the final affairs of their loved one. This includes handling their estate (which will typically include a will or a revocable trust), taking care of their financial affairs, and handling administrative tasks.   However, the first […]

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Death Related to Alcohol Abuse

When you’re planning cremation services in the area of Blaine, WA, you may be planning them for a loved one who died as a result of long-term alcohol abuse. The physical and neurological damage that happens in the body because of habitual alcohol abuse or alcoholism is extensive. With chronic alcohol abuse, the liver is […]