Burial Services From Moles Farewell Tributes

The burial of the deceased is one of the oldest traditions recorded. According to Wikipedia, the earliest undisputed human burial site dates back 130,000 years.

Even though many families choose from our cremation or natural burial options, there is still a significant percentage of families who choose the style of burial that has been practiced in our area for more than 100 years.

A traditional burial involves the use of embalming procedures to preserve the body. This is done to provide additional time for the family to gather together and hold a public visitation and possibly a religious ceremony.

Our team at Moles Farewell Tributes will ensure that your loved one is looking his or her best for a private or public viewing. To understand the emotional importance of a viewing, please read the Is Viewing Necessary page.

When choosing a traditional burial, a family also will be choosing a burial vault, casket, and grave marker. Moles Farewell Tributes offers a wide selection of each so that you will be able to choose items that fit within your budget.

The cemetery is also an important part of any traditional burial. One of the factors involved in selecting a cemetery is its location. Choosing a cemetery that is close to the funeral home makes it easier for the family.

Our Bayview Chapel is located right beside Bayview Cemetery. The Moles Ferndale is close to both the Woodlawn and Enterprise Cemeteries. And Moles Greenacres is located in the center of Whatcom County within our Greenacres Memorial Park.