Unique Options

Moles Farewell Tributes Memorial Personalization Options

Providing for both Burial and Cremation Services are some unique signature services provided especially by Moles Farewell Tributes.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

A large personalized candle is lit to signify the life lost. The flame is then used to light each of the hand-held remembrance candles, allowing everyone to participate in saying goodbye.

Casket Signing

Personalizing a casket or an urn can be a healing expression of condolences and shared memories.

Memory Card Insert

Memory cards can be a wonderful way to gather stories of your loved one from their community of friends and family. They are a gift each person attending the service can give your family, gifts you will cherish for years to come.

Signature Photo Frame

A beautiful keepsake reminder of all who attended the celebration of life service.

Basket of Rose Petals

A basket of rose petals for scattering provides a touching way to say goodbye to those you’ve lost.

Memorial Books Record Thoughts & Memories of Loved Ones

Capturing the thoughts and condolences of friends and family who attend your love one’s memorial service is one way to commemorate a life well lived. Many families choose to have the memorial book available before and after a memorial service as a way to collect the remembrances and reflections of those in attendance.

The memorial book is a tangible and meaningful way to recall the feelings and memories that your friends and family have for your loved one long after the service has ended.

Moles Farewell Tributes can recommend an array of many different designs and formats. Selections of these books are on display at each of our Whatcom County locations.

Memorial Folders Share a Life Well Lived

Share the story of a loved one with printed handouts for memorial services or family keepsakes. Moles Farewell Tributes can combine a favorite piece of poetry, scripture passages, artwork, and photography to create a lasting memory of your loved one.

There are hundreds of different designs and formats to choose from in varying prices for you to share the story of your loved one with family and friends.

Memorial Services can be a very moving time, which is why many families choose to use video to either add to or record their loved one’s service.

Video Memorial Services in Whatcom County

Many families choose to record their loved one’s memorial service to share it with those who are unable to attend. Others request a copy of the memorial service video as a keepsake. Prices may vary depending on available videographers in the area.

Tukios Tribute Videos

Tukios Tribute Videos allow families to send digital photos of their loved one to the funeral director, which are used to create a beautiful slideshow for the service. These Tributes are set to stock music of the family’s choice, and they offer a way to relive favorite memories of their loved one. This is a service we are proud to offer and assist with.

Online Memorial Guestbook Accompaniment

We will gladly add a Tribute Video (if available) to your loved one’s Online Guestbook in the obituary section of this website. Those visiting the Moles Online Guestbook to share their condolences are sure to appreciate the opportunity this provides to remember your loved one. We invite you to call or let any of our staff members know if you have questions on any of the above services.

Celebrant Services

To address the needs of families in grief and to help the healing process go forward, funeral homes are beginning to utilize the services and expertise of Funeral Celebrants. Initiated by Doug Manning from the Insight Institute, the training of Funeral Celebrants is changing how families are cared for in times of loss and how funerals are becoming avenues of hope and healing.

Central to the role of a Celebrant is offering the compassion and care that families need in times of loss, as well as mentoring and guiding them in a meaningful tribute that reflects who they are as a family and honoring the person who has passed. Moles Farewell Tributes is pleased to offer this vital resource of celebration and remembrance to the families we serve.

Dr. Dale Pollard, Coordinator of Celebrant Services, along with Marie Honrud and Marilyn Rockwell-Bengen, are certified Celebrants dedicated to serving families and meeting their needs in times of loss. Trained and certified through the Insight Institute, they help craft funeral, memorial, and graveside services that honor the life-story of the deceased, reflecting the deceased’s personality, thereby providing opportunities for families to mourn and celebrate the life of the person within their own unique family history and ongoing story.

What to Expect:

The Celebrant meets with the family (either at home or another location) to listen to each person’s memories of the deceased. The “family meeting” shapes the life-story of the person who has died and is a central focus as the family and the Celebrant build a personalized and meaningful service together. At this meeting, the family also gives voice to their loss and attends to their journey ahead. A celebrant usually spends 1-2 hours with the family, 4-6 hours writing up the service and further planning, and 1-2 hours with the family at the service itself, for a total of 6-10 hours. The Celebrant conducts and coordinates the service with other clergy/officiants if desired.

Why Choose a Celebrant?

A trained and certified Celebrant assists a family by giving time, attention, and direction in a time of loss and helps in the initial steps toward healing. A Celebrant serves the needs of the family as well as gives tribute to the person who has passed. Through family meetings and conversations, the Celebrant, along with the family, constructs a rich and meaningful funeral or memorial based on the life stories of the loved one; describing what made her/him unique and loved. The funeral or memorial is shaped around the desires of the one who has passed and the needs of the family at present, and is tailored to the particular individual and family. In that light, the tribute can be as religious or non-religious as the family wants; be in any faith tradition the family is part of; and be conducted in any venue that is available and accessible. With compassion and understanding, the Celebrant gently addresses the grief of the family, brings a listening and creative presence to the funeral and memorial planning, and helps guide a family’s initial walk through sorrow and the journey ahead. For more information phone any of our Moles locations.