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Can I Have a Visitation Before a Cremation? Yes!

When a loved one passes, many families wish to hold a visitation. While this is a common practice with burials, many people believe it isn’t possible with cremations. However, having a visitation for your loved one who is being cremated is entirely possible. Let’s look more into how a visitation works with cremation services in Mount Vernon, WA.

What is a Visitation?

A visitation, also called a viewing, takes place before the body of the deceased is buried or cremated. It is a gathering of friends and family and a time to view the body of the deceased and pay respects. Typically the casket is in the room and is open so that guests can approach and say their goodbyes.

Visitations are a way to help everyone come together and support one another in this difficult time. They also help us to process everything that has happened and begin the journey to healing.

Visitation with Cremation

When there is a burial and a visitation, the body is embalmed, dressed, and prepared so that it is presentable for the viewing. This is the same process when the family chooses cremation. The body will still be embalmed and prepared the same way.

The family may purchase a casket, or at some funeral homes, there may be an option to rent one for use at the service. After the service, instead of the body being buried, the body will be cremated and the remains will be given back to the family in an urn.

Things to Consider

When deciding to have a visitation service with a cremation, there are some things to consider. Some of these things include:

  • Cost: The embalming and preparation of the body, as well as buying or renting a casket for the event will all add to the overall expense of the cremation budget. Some families may see this as being unnecessary so if other family members are helping with the expenses, try and talk it over with everybody to make sure most everyone is on board.
  • Religious Views or Beliefs: Even if your religious views or beliefs are accepting of the process of embalming as well as cremating, your loved one’s religious views may be different. Some religions have very specific ways a body should be dressed and prepared as well as strong opinions about cremations in general. If you loved one belonged to a certain faith, check with the religious leaders to ensure everything is being followed correctly.

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  • Appearance of the Body: You may want to have a visitation with an open casket, but there may be times where that is not possible or entirely appropriate. For example, if the person had to have an autopsy or a prolonged illness changed they way they looked, you may wish to not have the body on display. If you are unsure about the appearance, ask other family members for input. Also, funeral directors can help you make this decision.

While many families think a visitation with cremation services in Mount Vernon, WA. isn’t possible, you can see that it is. In fact, it is not really any different than a visitation that accompanies a burial. This can bring a lot of comfort to families who value the support and healing that a visitation can bring.

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