Paul McCarthy

December 10, 1936 - October 12, 2016

Paul McCarthy

December 10, 1936 - October 12, 2016


Celebration of Life – Tues Oct 18th at 2pm at Highgate Senior Living, Bellingham

Paul McCarthy born in 1936 in Co Cork, Ireland, but grew up in Co Tipperary on the farm. He was one of 12 brothers and sisters. He lived as a young boy throughout the Second World War years. In 1956 Paul enlisted for the Irish Defence Forces and served as a Soldier for 3 years. Part of Paul’s duties were acting as a proud Honorary Guards. He said he got that duty because he was 5ft 9 inches tall, and only the taller Soldiers for that duty. He was stationed at the Curragh, where Paul was in a troop of Soldiers who stood to attention whenever there were State visits or VIPs in town. Paul was honorably discharged in 1959. His discharge Officer said “Paul McCarthy was a good and honest Soldier and gave every satisfaction to the performance of his duties”.

Paul immigrated to New York, USA in 1962. His first job there was as a Security Guard in a New York City Museum. Not long afterwards, someone introduced him to The Bell Telephone Company (fondly known as Ma Bell), and later acquired by AT&T. Paul worked originally doing the night shift in the Manhattan Switching Centre. Later he progressed to preparing corporate merchandise orders for dispatch. Paul said he had a great 20 year career with the Telephone Company, and was treated very well by them as a Retiree. During Paul’s years living in the Queens, New York, he said he was robbed of his wallet several times with weapons. He decided he was going to beat the rap by carrying 2 wallets, one for him and one for the robbers. Paul said he wanted to live in a more peaceful part of the country. So around 1982, he relocated to Tukwila in Washington, and later moved to Kent, Washington, where he lived independently until 2013.

Paul was an avid reader of all things historical, political figures and American politics, and he loved conservatively betting on the horses (the Gee-gees) at Emerald Downs. Paul loved everything about Winston Churchill and was able to mimic him really well. Ronald Reagan was another hero of Paul and he was a member of the Ronald Reagan fan club.

Paul was a lifelong member of the Knights of Columbus in the United States. He participated in many charitable events, and always spent his Christmas Days helping out at the Knights of Columbus with dinners and such.

Paul was very charming and loved to talk with people about all sorts of subjects, and loved socialising and joking around with people. Paul loved reading his newspapers and magazines every day. Paul was an avid swimmer for Decades. He used to visit the Bellingham Athletic Club 6 days a week, where he loved to swim, and hang out with and chat up all the ladies in the hot tub afterwards.

In 2013 Paul suffered from a severe decline in Memory due to Dementia, and was moved by his Niece Janet to Silverado Memory Care in Bellingham, Washington. In 2014 Paul was relocated to Highgate Senior Living Memory Care in Bellingham, Washington. He lived there very happily until August 2016 until his Dementia became too advanced and was moved to Highland Nursing Home for a brief spell.

Paul was a single man, never married and never had kids. He is survived by his 3 brothers Michael, Joe & Denis, and 2 sisters Sr Kathleen & Bernadette, and all his many Nieces & Nephews and grand Nieces and Nephews.

-Janet, your loving Niece xxxxx

PROFILE of Paul McCarthy – Highgate Senior Living Resident of the Month (Aug 2015)

If you’ve never heard it, you should really ask Paul to do his Winston Churchill impression for you. Born in Ireland in 1936, Paul’s formative years were marked by the fraught tensions of WWII. He is a wealth of information about life ‘During the Emergency’ as WWII was called at the time, and can speak at length about children’s allowances, wartime shortages, and rationing. And yet, despite being one of a brood of 11 children, Paul’s childhood was as close to idyllic as any wartime upbringing can be. Keeping track of the many people and events which played such an enormous role in the progression of the war became a lifelong habit for Paul, and today he still avidly keeps abreast of current events.

When Paul moved to New York City in the 1960’s, he was sure that it would be a permanent move, a fact which disappointed his siblings in Europe but delighted his uncles and cousins in the states. Paul went to work for The Bell Telephone Company (Ma Bell) and had several memorable celebrity run-ins living in working in Manhattan. He also made efforts to maintain relationships with his family, visiting them in New Zealand, England, all across the U.S., and even his hometown in Ireland, where one brother stayed and took over the family farm.

These days Paul is likely to be found regaling a group with his many fascinating tales, swimming, going for walks, and relaxing with a good magazine or movie. He is a force to be reckoned with in our community, advocating for others and making sure that staff are up to snuff. If you’re lucky enough to be complemented by this gentleman, you’ll likely be awarded a ‘McCarthy Silver Star’ or perhaps even elevated to royalty, as Paul enjoys bestowing the nickname ‘Your Majesty’ on those he is especially fond of. There’s never a dull moment with Paul around, and that is why we are proud to honor him as Highgate Resident of the Month.

Celebration Of Life

  • Date & Time: January 1, 1970 (12:00 AM)
  • Venue: Highgate Senior Living
  • Location: 155 E Kellogg Rd Bellingham, WA 98226 - (Get Directions)

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3 responses to Paul McCarthy

  1. Elaine says:

    Paul was a shining light to see each time I came into the Cottage. He stood bright. He would say, ” well, hello there, your majesty.” He was a happy soul and I will miss him so.

  2. Janet says:

    I will honor your memory and always remember how you were the kindest gentle-hearted, charming man, and a man I am proud to call my Uncle Paul!! You have always been special to me and always will. You brought endless years of joy, laughter, and great memories into my life. I will hold you in my heart forever. Heaven has gained an Angel. God Speed. – Your loving Niece, Janet xxooxx

  3. I am so blessed to have known you Paul. In your living years you made me feel special and we enjoyed each other’s company so much!! You were always so fascinating to listen to!! I will love you forever and remember forever!

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