Dr. Leib Alexander

July 09, 1936 - March 17, 2024

Dr. Leib Alexander

July 09, 1936 - March 17, 2024


Leib Alexander of Bellingham, WA died on March 17th, 2024, at age 87.

Faith, family, and service delivered with playfulness and wit. To the people of Whatcom County, Leib was the consummate community servant, church leader, board member, businessman, medical professional and generous donor. To his family and friends, he was the playful wiseman of faith, as likely to deliver inspirational words of wisdom as he was to tape the water sprayer on your sink to ensure you were unexpectedly doused. People who first got to know Leib in a professional capacity were often shocked when they met the witty practical joker who lobbed a wet napkin at their face from across the dining table. It wasn’t that he couldn’t behave properly, but if Leib wasn’t in church, working, or in a board meeting, Leib was having fun teasing his family and friends.

For Leib, his faith was a refuge and the foundation of the principles that guided him throughout his career as a dentist. If you asked Leib about his career, he never rattled off the CV highlights (Dentist 1963-1998; Professor of Dentistry, University of British Columbia; Vice President of ADPAC; Trustee for ADAPAC…). Leib would simply state, “I felt honored as a dentist to be given the opportunity to work on God’s creatures.” Leib’s faith, and belief that he was working on God’s creatures, inspired him as a dentist and as a dental school instructor where he was fond of telling his students, “You have to care for the patient too, not just the teeth.”

As a man Leib’s faith was the source of love, kindness, and compassion he poured into his community, family, and marriage. Although raised as Episcopalian at St. Paul’s Church in Bellingham, Leib spent time as Catholic, Presbyterian, Anglican, and Lutheran. If you asked him which was best, he usually just smiled and said, “I found God in all those churches.” Yes, he was also involved in politics as an advisor to several senators and congressional leaders.

Leib lived his entire life in Bellingham with three exceptions: his time in the Marine Corps at 29 Palms CA, his time in Oregon during university, and the ten beautiful years of faith, friends, and sun on Maui. He is survived by his loving wife Peggy Alexander who describes her marriage to Leib as, “The perfect marriage. Our faith, values, and shared vision led to a peaceful marriage. We were always on the same page and Leib went out of his way to show me his unconditional love.”

Leib raised five children: Shawn Alexander (Janet), Barry Alexander (Sabrina), Pat Alexander (Debby), Matt Conner (Courtney) and Lisa Brett (Kevin). Leib was blessed with 7 grandchildren: Katy, Amanda, Ian, Chloe, Jack, Alex, and Conner.

There will be a memorial service on April 14th, 2024, at 4:00pm at St. Brendan’s Anglican Church, 925 N. Forest Street, Bellingham, WA 98225. Coffee and refreshments following service.

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  1. Ranny says:

    Leib was an old friend of my father, Cal. I believe they cruised thru the San Juan Is. and a few Canadian Is. on The Christmas Ship together dressed as swashbuckling buccaneer pirates. Dad and Leib were young JC members as I recall. Quite a sight for all the children as the m/v Discovery? tied up bringing cheer and gifts to the remote Islanders! RIP Leib

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