Conor Martin Costello

March 30, 1992 - August 01, 2021

Conor Martin Costello

March 30, 1992 - August 01, 2021


Conor Martin Costello was the beloved son of Anna Aliotti and Michael Costello, born March 30th, 1992, at home in Bellingham, Washington.  He burst onto the scene at a whopping ten pounds and seemed like an old soul from the very beginning.  He was brilliant.  He was ahead of his time.  We loved and will always love him.

As a kid he kept his parents and his grandparents very busy.  He charged into life and was a wild child. The fiery, curly red hair supported this image brilliantly.  His milestones brought us joy, and the years were rich with adventures.

As a multi-faceted man with many talents, Conor lived a lot of life in his 29 years.  He travelled the world, and received two degrees – a Bachelors in Biology and an MBA, both from Western Washington University.  He was a commercial fisherman, and under the tutelage of his Uncle Tom, he learned and mastered the full spectrum of the Industry, from building a boat to wiring the boat, from picking fish as a greenhorn, to becoming one of the best deck hands in the fleet, to Captaining his own crew and vessel.

Conor wore many hats: the Artist, the Cook, the Businessman, the Comedian.  There were many sides of Conor, but the comedian will be remembered with special fondness and a plethora of stories.  Conor’s sense of humor was legendary.  He loved to make people laugh.  His sparkling eyes, and his dance moves always hit their marks. There was no protecting ourselves from loving him.

Conor was smart, creative, talented and driven, and a passionate Environmentalist.  Many of his friends and family described him as a Scientist.  Because of his Biology degree, he pursued the mysterious ways of Nature with avid curiosity.  An example is his pursuit of Mycology.  He hunted for truffles in the Croatian forests, foraged for mushrooms up in Glacier, and cultivated his own at home.

Conor loved the outdoors, and many activities including skiing, biking, soccer, water skiing, surfing, skateboarding, and bowling, to name a few.  Conor was very social and confident, and he lived voraciously.  Anything that he decided to do, he would do it well.  He was a great teacher, and many people remember the way that he could connect with them, and how he made people feel seen and accepted.  He had special and deep connections with everyone he loved and cared about.

Conor passed away peacefully in his sleep, laying next to the Nooksack River on August 1, 2021. He will be remembered for the unique, amazing man that he was; not just for what he accomplished, but for WHO he was. He will be remembered for how he made us feel being with him, which is a true and precious gift we will endeavor to carry forward with us.

Conor is survived by his parents Anna Aliotti and David Caemmerer, Michael Costello and Melissa Brown, half brother Martin and step-brothers Kai and Jesse, Grandparents Nick and Merrily Aliotti, Uncle Tom and Mariola and baby Nicholas, Aunt Maria and Uncle Jim Heiderich, Aunt Gina and Uncle Bill Eiford, nieces, nephews and cousins, and many more dear friends and family.

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5 responses to Conor Martin Costello

  1. Ian krause says:

    Connors family,

    I’m saddened to hear of Connor’s passing. Connor was one of my favorite ranger teammates over the years. He was unique, and kind, and confident, and an attractive dude. All his attributes made him stand out from the crowd in a way I always admired. Even as high school kids, playing soccer on the weekends. As we grew up I enjoyed running into him around town, I always “felt cool” bumping into him and knowing him cause he was such a chill guy. Haha
    I fished on Tom’s boat one year and it was cool seeing him up in AK….although fishing is such a love HATE thing…he had mastered that field and it was great seeing him up there in his element. He truly was a bad ass.
    I’m really gonna miss having him in our community in the future.

    Rip Connor. You are a real one and always will be.

  2. Anna, to you and your family, we are so very saddened to hear about this tragic loss of your amazing son! I’m disappointed I didn’t get to know him- but I know every minute, hour, day and year was precious and reading about him I know he was someone I would have loved knowing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Anna .

  3. Liz says:

    Anna, John and I we’re so very sad to learn of the passing of your wonderful son. Our thoughts are with you during this time. Peace be with you, aloha. The con K’s

  4. Abe Ballard says:

    Dear Anna and Michael, and families: I am sending you love and prayers from my heart.

  5. I wish I could have had the chance to spend more time with my favorite redheaded cousin. The few times I remember having with him were fun. He was always the cool older cousin and he had a great sense of humor. My condolences go out to all of the family. RIP Connor.

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