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Things You Should Consider Putting in a Person’s Cremation Container

During a loved one’s cremation service Bellingham, WA, their body is going to be placed into a cremation container. This container will then be put into a cremation chamber so that the actual cremation can take place. Before this process plays out, though, you and your family might want to consider sticking a few things into your loved one’s cremation container along with their body. Discover a few of the items that you can put in a person’s cremation container if you would like.


Prior to your loved one’s Bellingham, WA cremation, it would be a good idea for you and your family to say your goodbyes to them. You can, of course, do this through the power of prayer if you would like. But if you want to take things a step further, you and your family members might also want to think about writing letters to your loved one. You can all say whatever it is that you want to say to your loved one in letter form and then place your letters into their cremation container. Many families have found doing this to be very therapeutic and healing.


While you’re planning out a loved one’s cremation services, you’re often going to spend at least a little bit of time sifting through photographs of them. If you come across some good photos of your loved one with your family, you might want to consider putting them into their cremation container. You might not want to part ways with the original photos. But you can always print up a bunch of photos that you want to use as part of your loved one’s cremation specifically for it. It’ll be a nice way to surround your loved one with photos of their family members and friends during their cremation.

Stuffed animals

If you’re looking for something that kids can place into a loved one’s cremation container, stuffed animals might do the trick. You might not want to have your kids send their own stuffed animals away to be cremated, but you can buy them some special stuffed animals for the occasion. Having your kids put these stuffed animals into your loved one’s cremation container might help them have a better understanding of cremation. It might also make them feel more comfortable with the idea of their loved one being cremated.

cremation service Bellingham WA

Almost anything that will be combustible

If you don’t like any of the options that we’ve mentioned thus far, there are tons of other things that you can put into a loved one’s cremation container. If something is combustible, there is a decent chance that you’ll be able to place it into a cremation container. You should, however, speak with your funeral home about what options you’ll have. They might have some restrictions on things that they won’t allow to go into a cremation container.

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