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cremation services in Mount Vernon, WA

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation Services

As the cremation rate continues to skyrocket all across the country, there are more and more people who are interested in finding out everything they can about cremation services in Bellingham, WA. They often have a million and one questions about cremation and want to know what it’s all about. If you’re one of these people, you should try to find answers to the questions that you have. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about cremation and come up with answers for them. Check them out below.

What is cremation?

At this point in time, most people have some general idea of what cremation is. But just in case you don’t, you should know that cremation is a process that involves using very high heat to reduce a person’s body to bone fragments. These bone fragments are then processed and turned into the cremated remains that most people have heard about. The remains can be placed into an urn for safekeeping at the conclusion of cremation or scattered in a special place.

Who can help a family carry out a cremation?

For years, families had to look high and low for the right cremation service provider that could help them conduct a cremation for their loved ones. But these days, almost all of the Mount Vernon, WA funeral homes that are out there offer cremation services to some degree. Some of these funeral homes only offer what is called direct cremations, which are cremations that don’t include any kind of funeral services. But the vast majority of funeral homes have started to extend cremation services in some form to families.

Do religions allow cremation?

For a long time, most of the major religions from around the world refused to allow people to take part in cremation services. But nowadays, almost all of them have finally come around to allowing cremation services. There are still a few religions like Islam and Judaism that refuse to let people participate in cremation services. But for the most part, religions now accept and embrace cremation services and let families choose them over burial services.

cremation services in Mount Vernon, WA

How much does cremation cost?

One of the big reasons why cremation services have become so popular is because they’re much more affordable than burial services in most cases. You might be able to cremate a loved one for right around $1,000 in some instances. The total cost of cremation services is going to depend on a variety of factors, though. The funeral home that you choose to cremate a loved one and the specific cremation services that you pick out will both have a big impact on the cost of cremation services.

Do you have any other questions about cremations that you want to be answered like details about cremation urns or ash scattering? Moles Farewell Tributes & Crematory would be more than happy to set you up with a funeral director who can answer any and all cremation-related questions that you might have. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with an experienced funeral director.

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