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cremation in Bellingham, WA

Aquamation: Cremation Using Water

If you have a family member that has passed and wished for a cremation in Bellingham, WA., you may come across the option of aquamation. This is a less commonly known type of cremation but is gaining popularity for many reasons. While it is not currently available everywhere, since it is gaining popularity it is becoming an option for more and more places every year.

What is Aquamation?

Aquamation is a type of cremation that uses water to decompose the body rather than fire. The body is placed in a cylinder and water flows over the body to break down the organic materials. The water is a gentle flow and combined with high temperature and alkalinity, it reproduces how the body decomposes over time.

Once all the organic material is gone, the minerals are then pressed into powder and returned to the family in an urn. The water that was used is sterilized and released for recycling.

Where is Aquamation Approved?

As of now, aquamation is approved in areas including:

  • Quebec
  • South Africa
  • Mexico
  • Saskatchewan
  • Ontario

It is also approved in twenty-one U.S states including, but not limited to:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Colorado
  • North Caolina
  • Vermont
  • Washington

Other than the twenty-one states where it is approved, there are several additional states that have it under consideration.

Why Choose Aquamation?

Since no fire is being used, no smoke is being released into the atmosphere. Also, since the water is recycled there is less of a carbon footprint for this method. These are nice draws for some who wish to remain more environmentally-friendly.

Other Things to Consider

With aquamation there are more remains than with a typical cremation. Also, the remains will look different. With a typical cremation, the remains are coarser like sand. With an aquamation, the family will receive a more uniform white powder.

If your loved one had a pacemaker, it is important to let the funeral home know as these can explode while being cremated with using fire. Therefore, they need to be removed before the cremation begins. With an aquamation, the pacemaker does not have a chance of exploding and does not need to be removed before the process begins.

You might need a slightly larger urn with aquamation. As mentioned, the family will receive more remains with this process so the size capacity of the urn may need to be increased.

There is no need to purchase a casket with aquamation since they do not break down in the process. Instead, the family may opt for a shroud made from natural material that does break down.

cremation in Bellingham, WA

Final Thoughts

While aquamation is still somewhat new to most people, it has been around for a while. It is a nice option for those who wish to be cremated and leave a smaller carbon footprint of the process. It is still not available in all states and countries, but it is gaining popularity and there is new legislation every year that is taking it into consideration. If your loved one wished for a cremation in Bellingham, WA., ask about aquamation and see if this choice might be right for you and your family.

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  1. What is the cost of aquamation of an adult body alone without services or permits, etc.?
    We would bring you the body, you would do the aquamation and give us the ashes in our own urn,
    with NO add-ons?


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