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cremation services offered in Ferndale, WA

What You Can Do with Cremation Remains

Cremations are part of the cremation services offered in Ferndale, WA. After cremations, the deceased’s cremated remains are returned to their family to do what they want with them. There are a lot of unique methods for using cremation remains to remember the person you love in a manner that fulfills their wishes and your family’s wishes.

One way to use cremation remains is to scatter them in a place that was special to your loved one or that had special meaning to the entire family. For instance, if you celebrated your anniversary every year in the same place, that might be somewhere you’d want to scatter some of your loved one’s cremation remains. Or, if your loved one may have wanted some of their cremation remains scattered in the place where they grew up.

Another way that you can use cremation remains is to have some of them made into wearable, memorial jewelry. There is a wide array of jewelry choices, including rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. There are also many designs available. A little bit of your loved one’s cremation remains are put inside the jewelry, which means you have them close by when you’re wearing the piece of jewelry.

Using some of your loved one’s cremation remains to create a firework display is another unique to memorialize them. Specialty companies will take some of the cremation remains and mix them with explosives, Then, they create fireworks, using those explosives, and will customize a fireworks display to honor your loved one’s memory.

Cremains can be used in artwork such as paintings and tattoos.

If your loved one was into art, then a great way to pay tribute to them and their artistic interest would be to have some of their cremation remains mixed in with oil-based paints (there are professional artists who do these kinds of paintings) and a painting done with the paint mixtures. The painting can be anything, from a portrait of your loved one to a favorite setting of your loved one to an impressionistic piece that reminds you of your loved one.

Memorial tattoos are popular with some people after their loved one dies. Many times, these tattoos will include very detailed designs along with the birth and death dates of their loved one.

There are tattoo artists who specialize in mixing cremation remains with the tattoo ink, to essentially have a person’s loved one etched into them permanently.

There are also environmentally-friendly ways to use cremation remains. If your loved one was ecologically-minded, then using some of their cremation remains to help support marine life or grow new life is a great way to honor their memory.

Companies exist that will use some of your loved one’s cremation remains, mixed with other substances, to form the basis from which new ocean reefs can be created. Because coral reefs are an important part of the ecological system of the sea and because they are endangered around the world, these new reefs will create favorable habitat for marine life to flourish.

Seeds of trees or plants are place in biodegradable urns. They are covered by soil that is mixed with your loved one’s cremation remains (which are nutrient-rich). The urn is planted, and a lasting tribute to your loved one, as well as a source of ecological balance, has begun its journey of growth.

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