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The Benefits and Features of Tribute Videos Provided at Moles Farewell Tributes

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Losing someone in your life comes as a shock no matter what the circumstances. We all know death is inevitable, but it certainly isn’t something we want to think about let alone try to prepare for emotionally. The death of a loved one challenges us in every way imaginable and sometimes trying to work through the grief seems almost impossible. Moles Farewell Tributes knows that grief is personal, which is why we offer a range of products and services to help you through. Tribute videos are one way to help mourners through the funeral process, and to honor loved ones that have passed away.

Commemorating a Life Well-Lived

It’s so easy to lose sight of many of the special moments from a person’s life, or to not have the time to fit them all in a single funeral service, which is why tribute videos are so relevant. With a professionally crafted tribute video, you can bring all of these moments together, so everyone in attendance can get a true sense of every aspect of the deceased’s personality and experiences.

Using Technology to Honor Your Loved Ones

Technology often has no place in a traditional funeral service, but today’s tribute videos borrow from modern technology to create touching and deeply personal video. The technology allows you to meld photos into a tribute video to personalize the process and honor your loved one in a unique and memorable way.

Example Video using Tukios.com

The Tukios Solution

In Bellingham, Washington and the surrounding area, Tukios provides automated tribute software that makes your tribute videos come to life. These videos offer a wide range of themes, background music, customizable effects, and the ability to add photos, text, video clips and captions. Your tribute video may be displayed on the funeral home website, your own site, and played during the service for all to see.

Whether it is used to help the family and friends along in the grieving process, to help honor the deceased in a modern and memorable way, or a bit of both, creating a tribute video is an ideal choice.  The grieving process is different for everyone, but having the opportunity to feel the presence of your lost loved one just one more time, can help a great deal on the road to recovery.

If you have lost a loved one and want to do something special for the funeral service, contact us today about having a personalized tribute video made.