Cremains Options After Service at Nooksack, WA Cremation and Funeral Home

After the cremation of a deceased loved one, you’ll get the cremation ashes in an urn. What you do with it after the Nooksack, WA funeral home cremation service is really up to you. If you’re lucky, the deceased will have communicated their preferences before breathing their last breath. This will ensure that you and your other family members only have to concern yourselves with carrying out the deceased’s wishes to the fullest extent possible.

But if you and your family have to decide how to proceed, you’ll need to build some sort of consensus so that you can move forward confidently with a decision on what to do with the cremains. There are many options to choose from. This can actually complicate things since it might be more difficult to decide on what to do when there are so many possible choices. One possible solution if there’s a stalemate is to so multiple things with the ashes. In other words, different family members can be allocated some of the cremains to do what they want with them. This should help to resolve any problems if you and your family aren’t all on one page in terms of what should become of the cremation ashes.

What follows is a look at some of the things you can do with cremation ashes once the body disposition service has come to an end and you have been given the cremation urn.

Scatter Ashes After Funeral Home Cremation in Nooksack, WA

One of the most popular options is to scatter the cremains in a place that holds some special significance for your family. Did your family enjoy the great outdoors? Perhaps you may want to spread the cremation ashes on a private property where you went camping or where you did other things together. If you want to scatter cremation ashes in a national park, you will need a special permit before doing so. So it’s not illegal to scatter in national parks. You just need to get proper authorization. Also keep in mind that it would be disrespectful to scatter ashes on someone else’s property without first getting their permission. Even so, cremains pose no health or environmental risk. This means that you won’t have to worry about any problems on either of those fronts.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you possible combine a memorial with scattering ashes. You can have a memorial first – whether in a church, in a park, in a private home, or anywhere else – and then conclude by scattering the ashes. This can provide the perfect time for family and friends to gather for the occasion of giving the deceased a final send-off.

Keep Ashes at Your Home

Another popular option is to keep the cremation urn in your own home as a keepsake and personal reminder of a deceased loved one. The great thing is that the possibilities are endless in terms of where in your home you can keep a cremation urn. You can put it on the fireplace mantel, on the coffee table, on the bookcase, and many more places. In fact, you may even want to spend more time selecting the perfect urn if it’s going to be on display. There are urns of all types of materials available to meet your sense of style, and you can personalize the urn with an inscription of the name of the deceased or with some inspirational quote. Whether glass, ceramic, stone, metal, wood, or some other type of material, you can find the perfect urn.

Bury the Ashes

Would you eventually like to bury the cremation urn in a special spot or to perhaps even have it put in a columbarium? You can get special urns that are most suitable for such purposes. This is where a consultation with a funeral home will benefit you greatly. Talking to a Nooksack, WA funeral home and cremation company will help you to make the right buying decision.

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