Most people have heard the old saying, “Seeing is believing” but many people also have lived through a life experience that gave them a deep, emotional understanding of this simple phrase.

Consider what happened to our entire society when the planes flew into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. Within minutes of hearing the news, televisions across the country were turned on as people watched the event replayed over and over again. They have estimated that more than 90% of Americans saw the videos that first day. Many people had the TV on all day, trying to grasp the magnitude of the moment, trying to come to grips with the trauma, because seeing is believing.

The need to see is the natural human response to any traumatic event. Seeing the event, or seeing the aftermath of the event it real. It is already real on an intellectual level once we hear about the event, but to make it real on an emotional level, we must see.

The loss of a loved one is a personal 9/11. It is as traumatic to you personally as 9/11 was to us as a nation. If you were at the deathbed, you will remember every detail. If you were not present and received a phone call, you will remember exactly where you were when you first heard the news.

Instantly upon hearing the news, those closest to the deceased will often have a natural desire to see their loved one. It’s natural, it’s normal and it’s necessary. Seeing the deceased one last time helps family and friends to work through the grief process. Seeing is believing and believing leads to emotional healing.

Saying goodbye to your loved one is never easy. Unfortunately, in today’s culture, many people try to skip this step. The sad reality is that failing to say goodbye to someone you love can leaves emotional wounds that may never heal.

At Moles Farewell Tributes, whenever possible every family is given the opportunity for a Private Farewell in one of our tastefully decorated visitation rooms.

This is intended to be an opportunity for up to 10 family and friends to take up to an hour to gather together, reflect on the life of their loved one and say Farewell.

We say “whenever possible” because sometime the condition of the deceased make it impossible to provide this service. However, this is the exception and we will always do everything possible to give each family an opportunity to say goodbye to their loved one, one last time.