Robert C. LeCocq

Sep 21, 1955 - Aug 05, 2015

Robert C. LeCocq

Sep 21, 1955 - Aug 05, 2015


A Man of God
A Man of Family
A Man of Business
AND A lot of Fun Too!!!

A devoted Christian and follower of Jesus, and in the same character as Jesus, he didn’t preach it, he lived it. Whether it was lending an ear or a swift kick in the “you know what”, the message was always the same- “I love you and God does too”.

Rob was born in Bellingham to Charles Robert “Bob” and Violet LeCocq. Rob and younger brother Steve became the 3rd generation of LeCocqs to live at Lake Samish. He also had a great appreciation for his Lynden/Dutch heritage. He joked easily about himself being a penny pinching Dutchman. And yet, he gave freely and generously to church and friends. He truly cared about people, especially anybody in need.

A grill master, a chicken herder and an island hopper; Rob always had a full plate, a plate he shared with many others. Always the guy to offer – a helping hand, a place to stay or an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. Rob had a heart big enough for all. Almost twenty years ago, when he asked Joan to marry him, he said, “I have enough love to go around for you, your children, and mine”. Over the years that circle of love has just kept expanding to also include twelve grandchildren.

While raising his young daughter, Catherine, as a single parent, Rob started his own business, Mobile Hardware, servicing commercial shops in several counties. As he delivered orders to his customers over the past three decades, he got to know them on a personal level, taking time to check in, maybe join them for lunch and always tell them “the joke of the day”. He was known as “quite a character”.

Colonel LeCocq, in Civil War Reenacting, would be the leader to show up at afternoon formation with his wife’s parasol waving above his head to shed the afternoon sun and lighten the mood of his dedicated troops. Besides being an inspirational ‘Rebel Guy’, he was also known as a brilliant strategist, on and off the field, in helping guide the state association to a higher level of reenacting. Rob developed some of his strategies from his years of miniature war gaming and his extensive reading and study of Civil War, as well as other, military history.

Rob is survived by his wife Joan, mother Violet Manteuffel, brother Steve (Cathi) LeCocq, daughter Catherine (David) Ugalde, stepchildren Tim Clark, Jesse (Dani) Clark, Amy (Jeremey) Wattam, Stephanie (B.J.) Childs and Jenny Plue; grandchildren Victoria, Genevieve, Tamon, Alexa-Jo, Zekiah, Phoenix, Meadow, Kaleb, Nikita, Robbie, Arianna, Addison; nephews Ryan and Dustin LeCocq.

Rob truly lived his faith and his values in a way that made an impact on everyone he met. “A single act of caring creates an endless ripple”. The ripples Rob created in life will continue creating an impact endlessly. We want to thank all of you for being so important in Rob’s life. He will be missed by many.

A visitation will be held Monday, August 17 from 9-10 AM at Moles Greenacres Memorial Park, followed by a 10:30 AM graveside service. A memorial service will be held the same day at 12:30 PM at Hovander Park, 5299 Nielsen Ave., Ferndale, WA 98248.

Graveside Service

  • Date & Time: Aug 17, 2015 (No Time)
  • Venue: Greenacres Memorial Park
  • Location: 5700 Northwest Drive Ferndale, WA 98248
  • Phone Number: (360) 384-3401

Memorial Service

  • Date & Time: Aug 17, 2015 (No Time)
  • Venue: Hovander Park
  • Location: 5299 Nielsen Ave Ferndale, WA 98248


  • Date & Time: Aug 17, 2015 (No Time)
  • Venue: Moles Farewell Tributes - Greenacres
  • Location: 5700 Northwest Dr Ferndale, WA 98248

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6 responses to Robert C. LeCocq

  1. Jim Marshall says:

    I knew Rob for a long time. He helped me out once with a job, when things were a little tight. He was fun to work for and I have always been grateful to him for his generous spirit.God speed. He was a good man

  2. I met Rob years ago at a Civil War ball I attended with my brother, Ted Carter and was struck by his sense of humor and goodwill then. This past February, when Ted passed away, Rob, along with another friend of Ted’s, took charge of arranging Ted’s funeral. My sister, Trilby Jordan, and I will remain forever grateful for his and his family’s extraordinary kindness during that time; we don’t know what we would have done without him! He seemed to always be available when needed and always gave his best. Although we were not as fortunate as many since we did not know him nearly as well, we will miss him terribly. I just received word this morning of Rob’s journey Home. I celebrate with you that he is with our beloved Father, yet I mourn that he left his loved ones and all those whose lives he touched; but remember, it’s only for a time. Please know that your family will be in my heart and prayers, and I will think often and fondly, throughout my lifetime, of this great man.

  3. Joseph & I send our thoughts and prayers to the family. We are so sorry we can’t be there today as we are out of town. Please know we are thinking of you! God Bless!

  4. Joe Oiness says:

    I was just doing some lake samish history searches on line, one thing led to another… I just stumbled in to Rob’ s obit. I’m floored. Rob was the first to let me ride a jet ski. It must of been about 1983 or so, I was 10ish. Believe it was a Kawasaki 440. Great times. When I was a kid I used to go to his house once a week for dungeons and dragons. I miss those days. I can still picture Rob like yesterday climbing and topping a tree. I was maybe 5 years old at the time. But I knew enough then to know I was staring at a mad man lol. I remember one time I was at his parents place, and he loaded up a dirt bike in the back of his truck.. he drove it up a 2×6 leaned up against the tail gate. He hit it fast enough that the board shot out from under the back tire. But typical for Rob he was going so fast the bike still made it, as it slammed in to the back of the cab, he shot over the roof, and managed to land on his feet haha. I remember when he was playing survival games back when he was partners with my dad and uncle Mike. He was a 1 man army, there one second and gone in the blink of an eye. I could go on for days about Rob stories. I remember Rob tough as nails, quick on his feet, and It seemed like he had 9 lives. He would do, and try things that would kill the average man. I was just a kid when I knew Rob, he was always damn good to me. The best way I can describe Rob from a kids point of view. He was a real life action hero, With a chaotic good alignment. I’m very sad he’s passed on.

  5. Leanne Keel says:

    We are all proud and are better to have known Rob. He will be truly missed.
    Prayers and Love to his family from Brad, Leanne & Josh Keel

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