Video Memorial Services in Whatcom County

Memorial Services can be a very moving time, which is why many families choose to use video to either add to or record their loved one’s service.

Many families choose to record their loved one’s memorial service to share it with those who are unable to attend. Others request a copy of the memorial service video as a keepsake. Prices may vary depending on available videographers in the area.

Tukios Tribute Videos

Tukios Tribute Videos allow families to send digital photos of their loved one to the funeral director, which are used to create a beautiful slideshow for the service. These Tributes are set to stock music of the family’s choice, and they offer a way to relive favorite memories of their loved one. This is a service we are proud to offer and assist with.

Online Memorial Guestbook Accompaniment

We will gladly add a Tribute Video (if available) to your loved one’s Online Guestbook in the obituary section of this website. Those visiting the Moles Online Guestbook to share their condolences are sure to appreciate the opportunity this provides to remember your loved one. We invite you to call or let any of our staff members know if you have questions on any of the above services.