Cremation Urn Selections From Moles Farewell Tributes

Moles Farewell Tributes offers a variety of products to help those choosing to preserve their loved one’s cremated remains in a memorable way. We work with several professional wholesalers to offer families high quality and competitively priced cremation memorial products.

Families can choose from a wide selection of urns in a range of materials (wood, bronze, marble, and more) or other options, including flag cases, biodegradable designs, and even jewelry.

Many of these designs can be personalized to reflect the interests or achievements of the deceased. You may choose from a selection of religious icons, military symbols, or a variety of images to reflect hobbies or areas of interest to the deceased. You can view our variety of cremation urns at our online store.

You may also contact any of our Whatcom County locations and request a copy of our Urn Selection Guide to see our variety of cremation memorial products.