Selecting a Provider for Funeral Home and Cremations in Whatcom County, WA

The time comes when each of us will lose someone we deeply love. At that time of loss, questions about the final disposition of the deceased will need to be decided. But what should you look for in a provider for funeral home and cremations in Whatcom County, WA?

You will want to choose a provider with a wide breadth of experience. Our firm has been in the family for over 100 years and four generations. We have grown and expanded over time to meet the needs of our communities. We never forget whom we serve, always striving to “care for families as we would our own.” We have the experience to know what helps our clients and what does not.

You will want to choose a provider with the options you are looking for. At Moles Farewell Tributes, we have a wide range of services we regularly provide. If you choose a traditional funeral and burial, we can help you! If you would prefer environmentally conscious processes and options, we have superb choices for you. If you desire cremation with or without a service, we are your team.

You will want to choose a provider who performs the services they offer. Some providers work with third parties, especially for things like cremation services. Discount firms often need to cut corners to be profitable. We feel there is too much at risk to contract this service out. Think about choosing a provider who can answer these types of questions in a way you feel comfortable with:

  • Are the facilities open for inspection?
  • Is it clean?
  • What security measures are in place?
  • Can the firm support the family if they wish to say goodbye before the cremation takes place?
  • How is the deceased cared for and positively identified?
  • What is included in the pricing package?

At Moles Farewell Tributes, all of our cremations are handled in our facilities and overseen by not one but two licensed funeral directors. We take this process extremely seriously to avoid human error. Your loved one will have dignified and humane treatment in our care.


Customized Farewell Tributes for Funeral Home and Cremations in Whatcom County, WA

Our goal at Moles Farewell Tributes is to help families bring some sense of closure to their loss. We always want this to feel more like a celebration, even though we know this is a sorrowful time. Sharing our stories is healing and can help families with the grieving process. When you are ready, our professionally trained staff will meet with you to hear the stories about your departed loved one.

We will also ask questions and listen. We will specifically be listening for things like where they were born and details about their family of origin. We might ask questions to learn about their childhood interests, the schools they went to, and the jobs they held.

We’ll learn about their life partners and how they met, their family, hobbies, community involvement, and favorite memories. In collecting this information, we get a sense of your special loved one.  We can then help you craft a tribute to their life.

Other elements we often love to include for farewell tribute services surrounding funeral home and cremations in Whatcom County, WA, are:

  • Memorial styled videos with your photos, video clips, and favorite music
  • Any significant memorabilia that you wish to display
  • A meaningful presentation of the life story and/or eulogy
  • A gathering for family and friends over food and drinks can be a beautiful part of this event
  • The final disposition of the remains to their final resting place


Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Our comprehensive satisfaction guarantee is unlike anything you will get from other providers in the area. We’ve covered everything! We promise to honor your budget. We promise to allow your family to be as involved in the tribute as is desired. We promise to support your family 24/7 through this process. And much more! Our goal is that you will be 100% satisfied with our services.


Environmentally Friendly Return to the Earth

At Moles Farewell Tributes, we are delighted to offer environmentally conscious options to our patrons who wish to use them. We offer burial space at The Meadow, a natural burial ground that is the first in western Washington to be certified by the Green Burial Council.

This means that we use fully sustainable burial practices.  Additionally, supplies and materials must be 100% biodegradable. We use excavation and technologies that are earth-friendly. You can learn more about this at our website under Green Burial Services.


Available for No-Cost Consultations

For a no-cost consultation about our funeral home and cremations services in Whatcom County, WA, contact us today. We will be glad to meet with you at your nearest location. We are prepared to help with immediate, upcoming, or pre-planning for future needs.