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cremation services in the area of Lynden, WA

Why You Should Plan Your Own Funeral

When you plan your own funeral, you can customize cremation services in the area of Lynden, WA. Although many Americans don’t want to think about death, much less plan their own funerals, you are making a wise move by planning your funeral in advance.


If you have a family, then planning your own funeral takes the burden off of them after you die. They will have enough stress and grief from your death without having to worry about making over 400 additional choices about your funeral arrangements.


When you’re planning your own funeral, you should make sure that your funeral wishes are detailed and clear. You know better than anyone else what you want your final disposition to be, what kind of services you want, and what you want done with your remains.


If you’ve decided on cremation, then you need to decide whether you want a service before you are cremated or after you are cremated. Describe what kind of service you want (a funeral service, a memorial service, or a celebration of life).


If you want certain people to participate in your cremation service, then list those people and what you would like for them to do. Since music is often an integral part of cremation services, list the songs you want played during your service.


You are not limited to doing things a certain way in your cremation service. If you have creative ideas for your service, then go ahead and include those in your funeral planning.


Let your family know what you want done with your cremation remains. Your cremation remains can be used in many ways, so if you want to have some of them buried in a cemetery and some scattered in one of your favorite places, that request can be accommodated by the funeral home.


Once you’ve decided what you want, document all your funeral plans. The best way to make sure that your funeral plans are followed is to come to the funeral home with a copy of your documented plans and talk with the funeral director.


The funeral director will create a file for you and put your documented funeral plan in it so that when your family comes in to make funeral arrangements for you, all the hard work is already done.


All they will need to bring is important documents like your birth certificate, your Social Security card, your marriage license, your divorce decree (if applicable), and your military discharge papers (if applicable).


The funeral home will take care of the rest, since you’ve already made your funeral plan, and your family can have the time they need to grieve your loss.


Be sure to keep a copy of your funeral plan with your other important papers. Make sure that someone you trust – a family member or a close friend – knows where your important papers are and has access to them.


If you keep your important papers in a home safe, then be sure that person has the code to enter the safe. If you keep your important papers in a bank safety deposit box, then make sure that person has authorization and a key to get into the box.

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Finally, be sure to sit down and discuss your funeral plan with your immediate family. Give them the funeral home information and let them know why you’ve made the funeral plans you have. While you may get some opposition, this is the time for the family to iron out their differences and get on the same page with you.


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