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cremation service Ferndale, WA

Why Have Cremation Services Suddenly Become So Popular?

Remember when almost everyone was buried rather than cremated? You probably do, because it wasn’t all that long ago! As recently as just 20 years ago, most families chose to bury their loved ones as opposed to cremating them. But that has all changed over the course of the last two decades as the cremation rate has skyrocketed up over the 50 percent mark. And today, more people than ever before are choosing cremation service Ferndale, WA over burial services. There are several reasons for this. Learn about them below.

People know so much more about cremation than they used to.

One of the top reasons why people used to choose burial services over cremation services is because they simply didn’t know much about Ferndale, WA cremations. But that has changed in recent times! These days, it’s so easy for people to jump online and find out everything they could possibly want to know about cremation in a matter of just minutes. This has opened people up to the idea of choosing cremation services and made them think twice about choosing burial services over them.

Religions have really come around to allowing cremation.

Most of the world’s major religions used to outlaw cremation as a viable option. They called for people to be buried, not cremated, at the time of their death. But a lot of the major religions have really started to come around to allowing cremation. They’ve relaxed a lot of their rules and regulations regarding cremation, which has opened it up as a possibility to more people. There are a few religions, like Islam and Judaism, that don’t allow cremation. But most of the others now allow it to some degree.

The cost of cremation services is so much lower than the cost of burial services.

When you compare the costs associated with cremation services with the costs associated with burial services, you’ll quickly see that there really isn’t much of a comparison at all. Cremating someone costs a whole lot less than burying them does. This is yet another reason why many families have started to kick around the idea of cremating their loved ones. Not having to pay for a burial plot and a casket gives families more money to spend on their loved ones’ actual funeral services.

cremation service Ferndale, WA

Almost all funeral homes have started offering cremation services.

Funeral homes offering cremation services to families used to be relatively rare. There weren’t a whole lot of them that were equipped to do it. But in this day and age, most funeral homes can’t afford to not offer cremation services. As a result, almost all of them offer these services in some form or fashion. It has made it so much easier for families to find funeral homes that can carry out cremations for them, and it has led to a big spike in the number of families choosing to go with cremation services over burial services.

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