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cremation in Bellingham, WA

Why Families Might Choose Cremation

While some families may know the wishes of their loved ones when it comes to how they want to be laid to rest, this isn’t always the case. For example, if a family member passes suddenly or never voiced their wishes, the surviving family may be left to decide between a burial or cremation in Bellingham, WA. While burials are a great option for some, cremation has many benefits that families may be drawn to. Lets look at why families may choose cremation.

Cremation Can Be More Economical

If a family is on a limited budget or the person passed suddenly and the family has not been able to save towards the services, cremation may be the better option. While cremation can have services included such as a visitation and memorial service, it also has the option to be a very minimal act with a direct cremation. With a direct cremation, there are no extra services included as it is the basic and minimal choice. Because of this it is the most economical choice available.

Cremation Can Allow More Time

With traditional burials, there is a time limit on what can be done and when. Even with embalming, the body will decompose so services and visitations need to be held in a timely manner.

With cremation taken place, there is no need to worry about the body decomposing. This allows much more time and flexibility in planning things like a memorial service, ash release ceremony, or celebration of life event.

Because of this extra time, families have more opportunity to hold the service when they want, truly take time to plan it, and allow for those who live further away time to travel and attend. This extra time can also help families that wish to save up extra money for the service.

Cremation Allows More Options

Many times, families may choose cremation because it allows more options for the body of the deceased. With a burial, the body is placed in the ground in a designated space. This means, that if the family wishes to visit their loved one, they need to travel to the resting spot.

cremation in Bellingham, WA

With a cremation, families can keep their loved one close to them at all times. This can be done by placing their loved one’s remains in an urn and keeping that urn in their home. They can also scatter some of the ashes in their garden or plant a tree in the yard with some of the remains. There are even options for cremation jewelry, cremation tattoos, and paintings where the remains are actually infused or added to the items.


Final Thoughts

Although traditional burials will always be an option, cremations are becoming a more and more popular choice. Because of their affordability, flexibility, and options for the remains, many families are finding that cremations are the best fit for them and their loved one.

If you would like to learn more about cremation in Bellingham, WA. and the many benefits it can bring, feel free to call us anytime as we are always here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have.

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