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Top 4 Cremation Concerns of Whatcom County Families

At Peace Cremation ServicesThere’s nothing worse than the passing of a loved one. At such a difficult time the last thing you need to worry about is the cremation process. When it comes to cremation services in Bellingham you can count on us to take extra precautions with the process, that will give you piece of mind.

We want to address some of those concerns you may have about cremation so you can feel confident in making your decision.

1. Wondering If You’ve Received the Right Remains

Next to losing your loved one, the worst possible feeling is having to wonder whether you’ve received the right remains. Unfortunately, this problem seems to be more common than you’d ever imagine.

A quick search in Google comes back with 409,000 results of just that happening. There’s example after example in which unintentional mistakes resulted in the family receiving the wrong ashes.

We believe you shouldn’t ever have to worry about this and have gone above and beyond industry standards to develop our own exclusive 15 step chain of custody process. Some of the precautions we take include our own secure crematory and the use of certified technicians.

2. Having an Opportunity to Say Goodbye One Last Time

Having closure is a crucial part of the grief process. Without having a chance to say goodbye to your loved one you can be left with emotional wounds that never heal.

We take this very seriously at Moles, which is why we provide every family with the opportunity to have a private farewell in one of our visitation rooms. Not only this but we have included it within the 15-step process mentioned above to ensure it’s not overlooked.

3.  Finding a Place for a Farewell Ceremony or Memorial Service

It’s common for cremation services in Bellingham to include some type of farewell ceremony or memorial service, with over 70% including such an offering.

Here at Moles, we include free use of our Bayview Farewell Ceremony Room so you can have a private and safe place to mourn the loss of your loved one. We also have the option of Celebrant Services for an additional charge.

4. Deciding What to Do with the Cremated Remains

It may seem a bit more difficult with cremation because it’s not a standard burial and you can become unsure about what to do with the remains after. Should you scatter them at a place your loved one enjoyed or do you get an urn and keep them there? And if you choose an urn should it be on display or kept in private somewhere?

We know this can be difficult so we provide a place that you can use if you choose Moles Farewell Tributes to cremate your loved one. Our gift to you is free placement of the remains at Stillwaters Cremation Cemetery in Greenacres Memorial Park.

If you’re not interested in this placement, you don’t have to feel obligated to use it. You’re more than welcome to transfer this benefit to someone else so they can have a beautiful final resting place for their loved one.

When you’ve lost someone, and can’t think straight you don’t want to worry about cremation services. We can provide you with a smooth, stress free process so you can spend time grieving and remembering your loved one.