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Thoughtful Ways to Help a Grieving Friend

If you have ever had a friend lose someone close to them, you know how hard it can be to watch them grieve. As a friend, you want nothing more than to help them get through their pain and sorrow, but you may feel as if you just aren’t sure how. You may not know what to say or what you can do to help. If you want to console your friend after their loved one’s cremation services in Mount Vernon, WA., here are some thoughtful ways to do so.

1. Make Them a Care Package

Creating a care package to send in the mail or drop off at their home is always a welcomed gift. You can find many premade baskets online, or, for a more personal touch, create your own. Simply find a basket or other cute container and fill it with useful goodies your friend will enjoy.

Some ideas of things to add are food and snacks such as chips, peanuts, granola bars, protein bars and other easy quick snacks. You can also add items that bring a little comfort such as scented candles, bath bombs or nice lotions. Another nice idea is to include things that can help them work through their grief such as a nice journal they can write in, a book they could find helpful, or even art supplies.

2. Offer to Help Around the House

With your friend going through the grieving process, things like cleaning, laundry, and mowing the yard are not activities they are going to be focused on. Offer to come over and take care of some of these things for them. Not only will it help your friend by them not having to do these chores, but it will also make their home environment brighter and cleaner which can actually help their mood.

3. Cook Them Dinner

Many times when people are grieving, eating is the last thing they think of. What’s worse is that they may not even be aware that they haven’t eaten lately. Make sure your friend stays healthy by bringing over dinner. This can be something you made yourself, or you could purchase premade meals from another source. Whatever you bring over, just make sure it’s an easy meal to simply reheat and eat.

4. Take Care of Their Children

If your friend has children, you can offer to help with their care. This can be done in several ways, One, you could offer to take them and/or pick them up from school or other activities. You could also offer to babysit them so your friend can take care of stuff they need to or simply have time to take a nice long bath and write in a journal.

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Final Thoughts

Watching a friend grieve after their loved one’s cremation services in Mount Vernon, WA., is never easy. We love our friend and of course it hurts our hearts to watch them feel so much pain. While there are many things you can do to help them in this difficult time, know that many times, simply being a shoulder to cry on is all the may need.

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