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Manage Your Grief With Meditation

Dealing with the loss of a loved one after their cremation service in Bellingham, WA. can be devastating. Other than sadness, this loss can bring with it feelings of hopelessness, fear, confusion, and deep depression. While most of these feelings are normal and will only last a short time, if you are not careful, this grief can cause a serious depression that is not only unhealthy but unsafe. Learning ways to manage these feelings and grief is extremely important during this time.

Some of the ways people deal with this grief is by finding a support group or counselor to talk to, while others may find a creative outlet such as writing or painting. Today we are going to talk about a very popular and effective option and that is meditation.

While once the term meditation conjured up images of hippies on a mountain someplace, meditation has become very much more mainstream with even the scientific community jumping on board and touting the fact it has many benefits for the body and the mind.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is nothing more than a technique that is used to get the mind to a calm and stable state. It is a time to sit and be still and quiet and refocus your attention and awareness inward. It is a time to honor yourself and connect with your soul, thoughts, and feelings.

How to Mediate

Meditation is easy. However, turning off your mind will not be so easy and will take time. When you first begin to meditate, your mind will most likely be going something like “It’s cold in here…did I call Sarah back…what should I make for dinner…I need to call the bank about that account today…did I put toothpaste on the grocery order…”.

When this happens, simply acknowledge the thought you are having and then let it go. Some people visualize the thought being put into a box and the box being put away. Others make the thought a cloud that simply floats away after it’s been acknowledge. With time, your brain will begin to learn how to slow down and these thoughts will become less and less.

To begin your meditation find a comfortable spot either sitting or lying down. Next, begin to breathe in slowly for a count of four, hold for a count of two, and release for a count of four. Once you begin to feel more relaxed begin to focus one your body and perform a scan from the top of your toes all the way to the top of your head.

As the unwanted thoughts of stress and grief enter your mind, simply acknowledge them, release them, and focus as again on your body.

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Stay in this state for about 10 minutes if possible. If you feel like going longer, feel free. When you are ready to stop simply begin moving your fingers and toes to bring awareness back to the physical and then slowly open your eyes.

Practice this meditation as often as you like. It is suggested to try and do it at least once a day as it has so many benefits including reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, releasing endorphins, and just helping you feel more centered overall. After your loved one’s cremation service in Bellingham, WA., meditating like this can be extremely beneficial for these reasons.

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