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cremation services in the area of Blaine, WA

Loss and Grief

After cremation services in the area of Blaine, WA, grief over the loss of someone you love will envelop you in its arms for quite some time after their death. It will be a grief that is, at times, all-consuming, and it will be like no other kind of grief you ever experience.


However, all loss produces grief. Even if the loss seems minor compared to the death of someone you love, loss, by its nature, is sad and there is always a certain amount of mourning that accompanies it.


You start this loss-grief process very early in life. When you’re a small child, you may lose a favorite toy or a beloved blanket. You grieve because it’s gone, and it isn’t coming back.


When you get a little older, the losses seem more significant and the grief much stronger. Losses tend to pile up in different areas as you mature. Pets begin to die, and you grieve their loss.


Academic aspirations fall short or don’t materialize at all, and you grieve those losses. You don’t get accepted into the college you wanted to go to. You don’t get offered the academic scholarship you had counted on. Your college entrance scores aren’t as high as you expected them to be.


Athletic hopes falter in the form of not making a team sport you want to play or not getting an athletic scholarship you were sure you were going to get. These are losses that you grieve.


Relationships are more tenuous and transient than you thought. Your best friend isn’t your best friend anymore. The romantic interest you thought you had a future with decides they want a future with someone else. People you thought would be around forever disappear never to be seen or heard from again. These are losses you experience and losses you grieve over.


Once you become an adult, you suffer more losses and more grief. That job you wanted so badly didn’t come through. You were overlooked for a promotion at work. You lost your job when your company downsized. Each of these is a loss and you will grieve for each one.


Relationship losses don’t disappear with age, either. You may have been married for years or decades and the relationship dissolves because of infidelity or irreconcilable differences. Your children grow up and leave home to start their own lives and leave you with a practically empty home. More losses. More grief.


But then the losses that come with the deaths of people you love start and this is where the cumulative effect of the grief from the losses you’ve already experience in life can catch up with you.


First, your parents and other older relatives begin to die. The grief from these losses can be staggering, especially if you were especially close to your parents or to an aunt or uncle who is no longer here. Your grief over these losses may be so intense that it literally feels like your life has been suddenly pulled out from under you.


cremation services in the area of Blaine WA 1 212x300As age creeps up on you, then spouses, friends, and peers start to die, and these losses and the grief that accompanies them can make it seem like everything you know is disappearing before your eyes. This kind of grief can also make you feel very alone.


Grief with loss, and grieving because someone you love has died, is normal. However, you may find that sometimes the grief you’re feeling seems like too much to bear. If that happens, you should seek grief counseling or grief support so that your grief doesn’t paralyze you.


For information about grief resources and cremation services serving the area of Blaine, WA, our compassionate and experienced team at Moles Farewell Tributes & Crematory – Greenacres Memorial Park is here to help.

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