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John Moles Sharing His Plans for 2017

I want to wish you a Happy New Year, I hope your 2017 is going well so far! Have you thought about what you want to accomplish this year? We had a Facebook post recently saying “2017 is the year I will__________”, and I felt like you may appreciate me sharing my personal answers to this!

You may know of our funeral homes in Bellingham and Ferndale, but I feel by allowing you to know me on a more personal level you will feel more comfortable when you need to come see us. During difficult times, there’s enough on your mind so anything I can do to make you feel at ease is important.

So, let me share with you my plans for 2017 here at the funeral home as well as on a personal level.

Greenacres Cemetery

We have big plans to make improvements to our Greenacres Cemetery. In the upcoming months, we will begin the design process for the upgrades. As pleased as I am with the opportunity to do these improvements I will ensure they are done as peacefully and in the least disruptive way possible.

To help with the design process I visited a number of different cemeteries over the course of 2016. I feel as though taking the time to do these trips was incredibly valuable as it gave me many ideas for what I’d like ours to look like. It’s important to me that we create the best possible place for you to mourn your loss.

One area in particular that I’d like to focus on is the use of urn towers. I believe the families who choose cremation services in Bellingham & Ferndale need more options. They desire to feel the same as those who aren’t cremated and have a grave to visit. The benefits of urn towers are that they are free standing, designed to be outdoors, and can hold 1-4 urns.

Cremation 101 Seminar

As I mentioned prior, we’ve decided to focus on cremation services in Bellingham & Ferndale a bit more this year. It’s not always something people truly understand and I believe it’s important to have all of the information in order to make the best decision for your loved one.

I plan to launch a seminar series that’s basically a Cremation 101 idea. You will be provided with all of the basic information about the process and all of your questions will be answered. Instead of being confused you will feel more confident and have some comfort in the cremation choice.