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cremation service in Ferndale, WA

Ideas for an Outdoor Memorial Service

After your loved one’s cremation service in Ferndale, WA., holding a memorial service is a wonderful tribute to honor them while bringing friends and family together. Although these services are often held inside at a church, funeral home, or another public events pace, holding this service outdoors can be a wonderful and lovely option. Not only does the outdoor setting offer beautiful scenery in peaceful locations, but it can also provide opportunities that inside services simply cannot.


There are so many options when it comes to the location of the memorial service. Whether you are having a large or small service, you can find a perfect place for your event. Some ideas include:

  • A local public park – Public parks offer a wonderful place to hold a service. Many times they may have pavilions and such you can rent. Just make sure to choose a spot away from a crowded area if you are wanting a more somber service.
  • On a boat – Having the service on a boat is such a unique location and perfect if your loved one enjoyed the water.
  • On the beach – If you want a truly peaceful and stunning environment, consider holding the service on the beach. Even more magnificent if you can time it with the sunset.
  • At a favorite hiking or camping spot – Did you loved one adore camping or hiking? Maybe they had a favorite spot they loved. If so, holding the service there is a wonderful way to feel close to them.
  • On a golf course or sports stadium – If you loved one was a sports fan consider holding the service at a sports stadium or golf course.
  • Public garden – Holding the service at a public garden and being surrounded by flowers and plants can be both beautiful and healing.


Other than stunning surroundings, outdoor memorials services provide more opportunities for ways of honoring your loved one. Some of these unique ways include:

  • Butterfly Release – A butterfly release at the end of a service is a touching and visual way to help guests and the family find closure and being to heal. This can be done by each guest releasing a single butterfly or having several butterflies released at one time.
  • Dove Release – Just like the butterfly release, the releasing of doves can help symbolize the spirit moving on and help those left behind start the healing journey.
  • Fireworks – If you want something big, consider ending the services with a firework display. These displays can even be more moving if accompanied by music.

cremation service in Ferndale WA

Final Thoughts

While maybe not for everyone, if your loved one adored the outdoors, holding a memorial service outside can add a special touch that an inside service cannot. Being surrounded by nature is not only beautiful but it can also be very healing and therapeutic as well.

If you would like more information about services for your loved one after their cremation service in Ferndale, WA., give us a call or come by anytime. Our caring staff is here and ready to help you with anything you may need.

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