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cremation services in Mount Vernon, WA

How to Plan an Ash Scattering Service

When planning your ash scattering ceremony after your cremation services in Mount Vernon, WA, there are many things to think about. While every ceremony will be different, there are a few basic steps that, when followed, make it a little easier to plan the ceremony.

Decide What Type of Ceremony You Want

The options here are endless. Do you want a traditional ceremony where you scatter the ashes at a loved one’s favorite location? Maybe you would like to plant a tree and mix the ashes with the dirt. Perhaps you’d like to rent canoes and set out on the water. Think about how you want to honor your loved one and decide on the activity.

Set the Location and Check Regulations

Once you know what type of ceremony you would like, you should have a good idea of where it will take place. Lock down the location and then reach out and see if there are any permits you need or rules to be aware of. Different locations will have different rules, but overall, here are some general rules to take into consideration:

  • Most, if not all, public parks require you to get a permit
  • Scattering ashes within 100 yards of public roads or trails is not permitted
  • The container that holds the ashes should be disposed of in an environmentally safe way
  • If you are wanting to scatter the ashes on private property, make sure to get permission from the owner first
  • When it comes to uncontrolled public lands, there are no regulations but be respectful of the land and the others on it
  • If you use any wreaths or flowers, they must decompose so only use real, natural elements

When scattering the ashes at sea:

  • If you are wanting to scatter the ashes in inland waters, you will need to get a permit from the agency that oversees that waterway
  • Ashes at sea must be scattered at least three nautical miles away from the coastline
  • Just like on land, if you use any wreaths or flowers at sea, they must decompose so only use real, natural elements

While these are some of the rules, they may not cover every situation. Always check with local authorities if you have any questions at all if it’s legal to scatter the ashes at your chosen location.

cremation services in Mount Vernon WA

Plan the Ceremony

You will need to decide how you would like the ceremony to flow and what should be included. Would you like to start off by saying a few words? Is there going to be music or maybe someone would like to read a poem. Is there something else you would like to add that makes it more personal for you and your loved one? Maybe they loved jokes and you could go around and have everyone tell their favorite one. Whatever you decide, have a general idea of the flow in mind. It is also helpful to have someone lead the ceremony to make sure it stays on track and everything gets done.

Whatever type of ceremony you would like to have, you don’t have to do it alone. Contact Moles Farewell Tributes & Crematory when you are needing cremation services in Mount Vernon, WA, and let their experienced staff help you.

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