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How to Dress for a Funeral

When attending funerals at funeral homes in Mount Vernon, WA, it’s important that we know what kind of clothing and accessories are appropriate to wear. Funerals are more formal and they adhere to funeral traditions and customs more than celebrations of life or, in some cases, memorial services. There are very specific guidelines for how to dress for a funeral service that should be followed, unless the family requests something different.

Much of society, including corporations and churches, have, over the last 30 years or so, changed the code of attire from being dressed up to business casual or even relaxation casual. People can generally wear whatever they want when they go to work or go to church.

Therefore, a whole generation is unaware of what it means to dress up for special occasions, such as funerals or weddings. Although some people do dress very casually when attending funerals, it can often appear to be disrespectful to the person who died and to their family.

Dressing for a funeral starts with being neat, clean, and low-key. The attention at a funeral should be on the deceased and their family, not the mourners who attend. Avoid wearing attention-getting clothing and/or accessories.

Black is the preferred for funerals. Brightly-colored or print clothing is inappropriate because it draws attention away from the deceased and their family. Navy, brown, and dark gray are also considered to be appropriate colors to wear to a funeral service.

Women should wear a tailored pantsuit or plain dress (not form-fitting, not short, and not sleeveless) to a funeral. Other than wedding rings and watches, women should not wear jewelry to a funeral. Wear simple flat dress shoes. Sandals, flip-flops, and high heel shoes should not be worn. Use a small purse to carry just essentials, if you choose to carry a purse.

Men should not wear jeans, shorts, t-shirts, baseball caps, and tennis shoes to funerals unless those are the instructions of the deceased or the deceased’s family (some people do choose this type of attire).

Men should wear a black, dark gray, brown or navy suit, a white dress shirt, and a plain tie with matching dress shoes, to a funeral. It is acceptable for men to wear a nice sports coat, a dress shirt that’s open-collared, and a nice pair of pants, with dress shoes.

No hats should be worn inside the funeral home or during the service, so if you wear a hat or cap, take it off before you walk inside the funeral home.

Appropriate funeral attire for men can also include a sports coat, an open-collared white dress shirt, and dress slacks with dress shoes.

For children old enough to attend a funeral, attire should be dress clothes. Girls can wear a nice pantsuit or plain dress, with flat dress shoes. Boys can wear an open-collared dress shirt, dress pants, and dress shoes. It’s important for children to learn and practice the traditions of respect and honor that are embedded in funeral rituals, and you can never start too early.

Although perfumes and colognes are not technically clothing, people often wear them when they dress up. Chemical sensitivities (which can cause coughing, sneezing, and severe headaches) to the ingredients that go into these scents is prevalent, so it’s best not to wear perfume or cologne to a funeral service..

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