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funeral home in Mount Vernon, WA

Creative Funeral Décor Ideas

Are you looking to make your funeral service or reception a little different? Why not incorporate some creative décor? While most people think of flowers and candles to use as decorative elements, there are so many more ways of creating a lovely space for guests to gather and remember and honor your loved one. Whether you are decorating a church, a family home or a funeral home in Mount Vernon, WA., these creative ideas will help you design a beautiful space.

Large Entry Guest Board

Instead of a guest book for attendees to sign as they enter, why not have a large entry posterboard? This design piece could include a photograph of the deceased in the center with blank room left all around it where guests can write their name and/or a short message. You could provide pens or if you want a more decorative element you could offer colored pencils or markers..

Photo String

Photo strings can make a very unique decorative element. And what is even better is these can be customized to fit any space or area you wish. To make a photo string, simply cut a piece of string, twine, or yarn to the desired length and hang. Then, using clothes pins or other clips, attach the photographs to the string. To make this even more special you can use a string of fairy lights or other small LED lights to add a cozy glow. And don’t be afraid to have multiple photo strings if you have a lot of photos you would like to display. Having these hung around the space will be something guests enjoy viewing.

Centerpieces of Favorite Things

What better way to honor your loved one than to have all of their favorite things as a centerpiece? If you are having a funeral recaption this can be a wonderful addition to the tables. Things that can be included could be things such as their favorite photos, stuffed animals or toys that the loved, or even posters or cards of their favorite bands or movies. Anything your loved one adored can be added to this décor. This make a very special centerpiece that guests will love to look through.

funeral home in Mount Vernon, WA

Create a Memory Wall

This idea is similar to that of the large entry guest board but grander. Using posterboard or other paper, cover a large section of a wall or an entire wall. Provide pens and markers and invite guests to write wherever they would like on the wall. It could be a short message or a favorite memory; whatever is on their heart. You could even invite guests to attach photos or other special mementos they wish. Not only will the guests enjoy sharing their thoughts on the wall but at the end of the event you will have a meaningful keepsake.

Making your loved one’s services from funeral homes in Mount Vernon, WA., is important as you want to honor them in a special and unique way. We hope these ideas will help you to create the perfect event for your loved one.

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