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Create a Living Tribute With Your Loved One’s Ashes

With cremation in Bellingham, WA. becoming the preferred funeral option, more and more people are looking for unique ways to use their loved one’s cremated ashes. While there is no shortage of ideas, there is something very special about creating a new living tribute from the remains. Here are three popular ways that many families choose.

Plant a Tree

This is probably the most well known way to let your loved one’s ashes carry on into something living. Planting a tree can be a beautiful tribute to your loved one and can provide a sense of comfort every time you view it.

There are many urns on the market today made especially for this purpose. These urns are biodegradable and hold your loved one’s remains inside. Many of these urns also come with another mixture that you place inside the urn with the ashes to help balance the soil ph levels and help the tree to thrive.

To plant the tree you place the urn into the hole for the tree. Next you lower the tree into the urn, fill the hole up with dirt, and secure the tree.

If you don’t have a yard or enough space to plant a tree on your own property, check with the city as there are often public gardens or parks that may allow you to plant a tree.

Create a Living Coral Reef

If your loved one adored the sea, why not have their ashes create an actual living coral reef? This not only creates a meaningful living legacy for your loved one, but also helps preserve and protect the ocean environment for generations to come.

These coral reefs are made from individual reef balls with are made of concrete that is environmentally safe and will blend in seamlessly with the ocean environment. It is these reef balls that your loved one’s ashes will be blended into. These reef balls are then placed in a specific location chosen by the family.

Create a Garden

Rather than using all of the ashes in one urn and planting a tree, why not take a small portion of the remains and add them in to several flowers and plants to create a wonderful tribute garden? While a large amount of created remains can be harmful to plants and flowers, a small portion mixed in with the soil should be just fine.

Using your loved one’s ashes and mixing them in with each plant and flower in the garden is such a wonderful way to create a space that truly honors them. You can make it even more special by planting your loved one’s favorite flowers.

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Final Thoughts

Taking your loved one’s ashes after their cremation in Bellingham, WA. and creating something new and that will live on can bring a sense of joy and comfort in a very difficult time. From planting a simple tree, to creating an entire garden or helping the ocean with a coral reef, there are several ways to help your loved one’s spirit live on.

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