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Butterfly Release Memorial for Your Loved One

Organizing a butterfly release for a loved one after their cremation service in Ferndale, WA., is a wonderful way to honor their memory, carry on their love and celebrate their life. While this idea is growing in popularity, it may be new to you and you may have questions. Don’t worry. In this post we are going to cover the basics of what you need to know to plan your perfect butterfly release in honor of your loved one.

Why Butterflies?

With people becoming more conscious of the environment and the role we play in it, more environmentally friendly options of release ceremonies are in demand. While balloon releases are still being held, we know they are not good for the environment and that’s what makes butterfly releases a great alternative.

Ways to Release the Butterflies

Butterfly releases are a beautiful event and can be quite a sight. They are normally done in one of two ways: one massive release or individual release.

The massive release consists of all the butterflies typically being held in decorative boxes. Then, all at once the boxes are open and the sky is filled almost instantly with these delicate creatures. This method creates a beautiful site that is quick to fill the sky.

Using the individual method, guests are each given one butterfly. These are normally in a structured envelope or some other type of container. When prompted, the guests open their envelope and let the butterflies fly out. Because everyone does this at a different pace, the butterflies trickle into sky.

What Types of Butterflies Are Released?

There are several different types of species that are released. The most popular include Swallowtails, Monarchs, Painted Ladies, and Gulf Fritillaries.

Where to Purchase the Butterflies

Butterfly releases are growing in popularity and because of this, you can find many businesses offering these services online. If you do an internet search, you will see many options to choose from. If there are no companies local to your area, no problem. Most, if not all, of these companies ship the butterflies right to your door.

When shipping, the butterflies will be in a box and packed with ice packs. This is to keep the butterflies cold and in a dormant state while they are being shipped. Before your event, simply remove the cool box and let it warm up.

Laws and Other Considerations

Because of the growth of this industry, many companies have sprung up. To ensure you are dealing with an accredited business, you can check with the International Butterfly Breeders Association.

Also it is always a good idea to check with your local laws and regulations to ensure you are following everything as it should be done before your event.

cremation service in Ferndale WA

In Conclusion

Butterfly releases are a beautiful event to honor your loved one. They are more environmentally friendly than balloon releases and can be done in a massive release or individual. The butterflies can be shipped so just about anyone can have access to this release opportunity. As with any event, it’s always best to check with local laws and regulations to ensure you are following everything correctly.

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