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Funeral homes serving the area of Ferndale, WA

Benefits of Preplanning Funerals

Funeral homes serving the area of Ferndale, WA offer preplanning guidance for funerals. Many of us don’t like to think about dying, especially when we’re younger, in good health, and death seems like it is so far away.

And, yet, death is never truly far away as we might believe. Accidents and terminal illness diagnoses can make death sudden and immediate or gradual, but imminent. Even if we live out our natural days, the years slip by quickly and, before we know it, we are at the age where our peers – siblings and friends – are starting to die and we know our time is drawing near as well.

No matter what age we are now, there are a lot of benefits, not only for us, but also for the ones we love in preplanning our funerals.

One benefit of preplanning your funeral is that you can have the funeral you want. One of the most difficult things that can happen when a loved one dies is be unsure of what kind of funeral they wanted. It can leave those who survive with a lot of worry and wonder as they try to imagine what their loved one would have wanted.

Preplanning your funeral ensures that you get to decide, for example, whether you want a viewing and a visitation, whether you want a funeral service or memorial service, and whether you want to be buried or you want to be cremated.

Additionally, you can, if you want a service (and, even if you don’t, the service is for your family and your friends, giving them a comfortable space to get remember you, to say goodbye, and to get closure, so this is a benefit you can give them), specify exactly what kind of service you want. You can detail everything out – from speakers and what they should say to music and displays.

Preplanning your funeral also gives you the benefit of being able to talk with your loved ones before you die to let them know what you want. It’s not enough to write it down and to talk with the funeral director. You should share all the details with your family as well so that they are all on the same page before you die.

One of the sources of disruptions and rifts that can come after you die can be your family disagreeing about what you would have wanted if you don’t preplan your funeral and discuss it with them.

Sadly, in the middle of grief and sorrow, fighting and arguing over funeral plans can throw your whole family into turmoil, and, sometimes, the hurts or perceived slights can last permanently and affect your family long after you are gone.

Preplanning your funeral also gives you peace of mind. While we often don’t realize it, a significant part of the anxiety that many people experience about death comes from the fact that we’re not prepared for it. Just as we do our best to prepare for the future while we are living, we should also do our best to prepare for the future when we’re not living.

A final benefit of preplanning your funeral is that you relieve your family of the burden of having to make a lot of decisions they’re not prepared to make in a very short space of time while they are grieving your death and your loss. Preplanning your funeral is a loving gift that lets them be able to focus on grieving without have to handle “things.”

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