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An Introduction to Our Memorial Candle Program

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Our team is always considering ways to provide comfort to family members in the midst of mourning a loved one. We have experience in the mourning process, and we know the challenges many face when trying to make their way through this deeply personal stage. As a small means of expressing our condolences and support to families, we’re now introducing our memorial candle program. In this article, we’ll outline the various elements of our care program and what it means for family members.

The Moles Farewell Tributes team works with families across the region, helping them to remember their loved ones and memorialize their lives. Through our work in this area, we’ve recognized the need to help guide family members through the mourning process and to a place of inner comfort. Our expertise in this area means we’re perfectly positioned for this work.

Our services now include the following:


Our newsletters are the platform through which we communicate to families who have suffered a bereavement. We take the time to explain the bereavement process and the feelings that might be present at this difficult time. Families will begin to receive newsletters a few weeks after their loved one has passed. And each newsletter will include articles on bereavement and how to respond to various challenges that arise during this process. This series of newsletters is designed, so that loved ones receive information directly related to their bereavement needs, and to respond to their feelings over the months after the loss. It’s the foundation on which families can begin to analyze their feelings.

Remembrance Candles

When a loved one has passed, many families request a means of remembering them and the time that they spent together. The free remembrance candles now offered through the team here at Moles Farewell Tributes are offered as a way to achieve further comfort after a significant loss. Our memorial candles are full-sized candles that include a picture of the person with a nature scene background.

Memorial Candles

Due to the exceptional popularity of our remembrance candles, we’ve recently introduced our memorial candle program as well. These candles are given to family members and can be provided to friends of the decedent so that they too can have their own private tribute. It’s an offering that is designed to help the person’s many friends remember them in their own personal way and to take on the mourning process with a greater degree of comfort over the ensuing months.

The entire team here at Moles Farewell Tributes is committed to supporting families throughout the bereavement process. To learn more on our memorial candle program and the services we provide, please contact us directly.