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A Short Guide to Mausoleums

Mausoleums have been found throughout history for over thousands of years. While many people are familiar with the mausoleums and tombs of ancient Egypt, less people are familiar with modern day mausoleums. Because of this, we are going to explore this topic more so that you can make an informed decision when talking with funeral homes in Mount Vernon, WA. about your loved one’s final resting place.

What is a Mausoleum?

A mausoleum is a structure that is built to house the remains of the deceased above ground. They are typically made of stone and serve as a large monument as well as final resting place. There are several types of mausoleums including:

  • Family or Private – This type of mausoleum is meant for just one person and/or one family. These are private and can be found in cemeteries and even on family land.
  • Public – Also known as community mausoleums these structures are available anyone to be interred in them. These types of mausoleums are often found in cemeteries.
  • Garden – A garden mausoleum is a structure that is typically outdoors and is often decorated with plants, statures, flowers and other memorials.
  • Vestibule -These structured are what most people think of when they hear the word “mausoleum”. They often have stained glass windows, elaborate columns, sculptures and more?

How Many Rooms Does a Mausoleum Contain?

Just as there are several types of mausoleums, there are several sizes as well. Some mausoleums may only have one room. This one room may house one or several remains.

Other mausoleums may be made up of several rooms or chambers. An example of this would be a public mausoleum that is a large structure made up of several rooms where the remains are kept. There may also be a central room that has a bench or other seating and offers visitors a place to sit and reflect.

Why Choose a Mausoleum?

There are several reasons why families and individuals may choose to be placed in a mausoleum rather than a ground burial. One reason is that it can offer a more private and peaceful place to visit their loved one. It also provides shelter from the weather so visitors can be more comfortable out of the elements.

Another common reason to choose this option is that some people, while wanting to be buried, may have an aversion for being interred in the ground. A mausoleum offers a great solution.

Other families and individuals may choose a mausoleum because they simply like the scope and grandness of the structure. With elaborate embellishments and features, these structures act as a beautiful and very grand memorial.

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Final Thoughts

Mausoleums can serve as a grand tribute and offer many advantages for families and individuals. Because of this, they can often be much more costly than other options. However, for some, the extra price may be well worth the advantages. To decide if this options is right for you and your family, make sure to discuss it with your family as well as with funeral homes in Mount Vernon, WA.

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