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cremation service in Ferndale, WA

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Cremation Service

With cremation service in Ferndale, WA. quickly becoming a popular funeral choice, more and more people are considering cremation for themselves or a loved one. While this option is more widely accepted than it has been in the past, many people still have questions about what is included with cremation as well as what to do with the ashes afterwards. Today, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to cremation.

1. What is Cremation?

Cremation is a form of body disposition that is an alternative to being buried in casket. It involves the body of the deceased being placed in a cremation container and then being put into the cremation chamber which is a furnace. It is here where the body will be heated and reduced to its chemical compounds which are known as cremains. These cremains are the ashes that are then returned to the family.

2. Can You Have Services with Cremation?

If a family wishes to hold a funeral or other service before the cremation, such as a visitation, this is entirely possible. These services would be held just like that with a ground burial. Instead of the body being taken to the cemetery after such service, it would be taken to the crematory.

However, if the family chooses a type of cremation called “direct cremation”, then services prior to the cremation are not available. This is because direct cremation is a fast process that performs the cremation right away, With direct cremation, families can still hold services afterwards such as a memorial service or casting ceremony.

3. Do You Need a Casket for Cremation?

You do not need a casket for a cremation. Instead, the body will be placed in a cremation container. This is similar to a casket but much more thin and less expensive. It is meant to be heated and reduced so that it doesn’t remain in the cremation chamber.

Families who wish to hold a funeral or visitation before the cremation will typically have an option to be able to rent a casket for the service. The cremation container will actually be placed inside the rental casket and after the service, be taken out and taken to the crematory. The rental casket will then be taken to get cleaned and relined to be used again.

4. Is Cremation Expensive?

Choosing services such as direct cremation can be one of the least expensive options available. If you choose to hold additional services, the price will rise accordingly. Depending on what services are added, cremations can be on par with funerals and ground burials.

cremation service in Ferndale, WA

5. What Can Do You Do With the Ashes?

Many people may be under the impression that there are limited options as to what to do with the ashes after a cremation. These may include keeping them in an urn or scattering them. However, there is a wide variety of options. Everything from burying them as you would a casket burial, to shooting them into space, planting a tree, turning them into a diamond, and even getting them added into a tattoo, there is no shortage of ideas.

If you have more questions about cremation service in Ferndale, WA., feel free to reach out to us anytime as we are always available to help.

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