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cremation services in Mount Vernon, WA

4 Myths About Cremation

Although cremation services in Mount Vernon, WA. are becoming just as popular as burials, there are still many myths that surround it. This is understandable because cremation has just recently become more popular. Today we are going to talk about some of the most common myths when it comes to cremation and why they should be dispelled.

1. You Cannot Have a Funeral With a Cremation

Most people are surprised to learn that any service you can have with a ground burial, you can also have with a cremation. A cremation is just a form of body disposition just like burial is. What happens before the disposition can be the same for either. This means that families who choose cremation can still have services for their loved one such as wakes, viewings, visitations, and funerals.

2. Cremation is Less Expensive Than Burial

Many people choose cremation because they believe it is a less expensive option that traditional ground burials. While this can be true, it can also turn out where cremations can be more expensive than burials. Let’s look at why.

If families choose what is called “direct cremation”, then yes, this can often be the least expensive option. This is because this cremation does not include any services prior to the cremation, keeping the costs very low.

However, if families choose a cremation that allows for services such as funerals or visitations to be held prior to the cremation, the cost is going to rise. That is because services such as embalming and preparing the body, renting a casket, as well as other expenses related to the services will be added to the overall cost. Depending on what choices the family makes as far as purchases, the overall cost can rival that of a ground burial.

3. Scattering Human Ashes is Illegal

Many people choose cremation because they want their ashes spread back into nature. While it may seem like scattering human ashes would be illegal, it actually isn’t. In fact, in most places it is fully allowed. There are some exceptions to the rule and in some areas you will need to acquire a permit, but it is very easy to find a place to scatter ashes. With that being said, you must always check with local law enforcement to ensure you are not breaking any laws

4. Ashes are What is Left After Cremation

After cremation, many people believe what is left is the person’s ashes. This is simply not the case. Although this term is the most commonly used, what should be said is “cremated remains”. This is because what is left isn’t ashes but rather minerals and skeletal material that is a grainy, fine powder.

cremation services in Mount Vernon WA

Final Thoughts

With cremation becoming more popular just recently, we understand why there are still so many myths that surround it. As it becomes more widely accepted and chosen, these myths will most likely begin to be dispelled. Until then, if you have any questions about cremation services in Mount Vernon, WA., give us a call. We understand that this may be a new topic for you and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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