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cremation service in Ferndale, WA

3 Reasons Why Families Choose Cremation

Choosing between cremation or burial is a personal choice that can depend on several different factors. Some of these include things such as religious beliefs, the funeral budget, and where the family would like the deceased’s final resting place to be. Although burial was once the most commonly chosen option, in recent years, cremation service in Ferndale, WA. has been on the rise and gaining in popularity. Let’s look at this option a little more and see how it compares to a traditional burial.

What is Cremation?

Cremation is the method by which the body is disposed by the act of burning, or by water in some areas such as Washington. When cremation uses water, the act is called aquamation and while it’s not legal in all states and countries, it is becoming more available in recent years.

Whether the cremation process uses fire or water, the body does not need to be embalmed like it does with a burial. Also, with cremation, instead of the family spending money on a casket for the remains, an urn will be purchased. This urn will house the ashes of the loved one.

Cremation is More Economical

If a family has a small budget or would like to keep costs low, cremation is a much more economical choice. Since the body doesn’t have to be embalmed, that expense is gone. Also, many families can hold a beautiful small memorial service which can be much less expense than traditional funeral services costs. Overall, with most funeral homes, you will typically find the cost of cremation packages is much less that those that include burials.

Final Resting Place

One advantage of cremation is that families have many more options for what to do with the remains. While some people keep them in an urn in their home, others choose to scatter them in a special place. Families can also choose to keep them in a columbarium, bury them, or scatter them in a cremation garden.

If the family wishes for something a little more unconventional, there are options for cremation jewelry where some of the remains are kept in a locket type charm. There are even companies that produce diamonds from the remains, create paintings with the ashes, and even turn the remains into a vinyl record.

Cremation Allows More Time for Planning

With a burial, the body is prepared and buried within a certain amount of time. Funeral services need to be planned and take place within this short time frame. While this may be fine for some families, it can be stressful for others. If more time to plan a service is desired, cremation allows for that time.

Once the body has been cremated, the remains will be given to the family in an urn. The family then has ample time to decide and plan for a service or tribute. This flexibility also makes it easy when trying to schedule event spaces to hold the service and allows more time for family and friends who live further away to be able to make it time to attend.

cremation service in Ferndale, WA

Final Thoughts

Cremation service in Ferndale, WA. has been increasing in recent years with more and more people choosing this option. While some families still prefer burial services, with cremation being more economical, allowing more options for the remains, and allowing the family more time to plan a service, it is easy to see why families are choosing this option.

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